Understanding the 21st century county energy picture for individual counties - and similarly for whole states - starts with two energy estimates: county energy use - how much energy is currently used in the county and renewable county energy - how much renewable solar and wind energy is generally available within the county on or above county land.

Estimates of these two figures appear on the individual energy profile pages.

County energy use is closely related to the county population. where an average per person estimate of energy use for all purposes (including industry, agriculture and air travel) is 100 MWh per year (or 100 barrels of oil equivalent annually) in the U.S.

Renewable county energy is closely related to the county land area where the amount of energy available for collection in arriving sunlight and ground winds each year can be calculated from the county land area where because of the variable and intermittent nature of the supply, certain simplifying assumptions are made,

Annual renewable solar energy totals in the Pacific Northwest are calculated only for the relatively predictable four-month period of peak energy between mid-April and mid-August. These county solar energy totals are generally far greater than the county energy use.

Relatively unpredictable wind energy is calculated not as a total annual county supply at all but in terms of the relatively short times required to for the entire amount of county energy used annually fto pass over county lands for three different velocities of the arriving winds.

PLEASE NOTE: Estimates of county energy are calculated numbers and are not actual or measured quantities. Estimates of county energy use are calculated from the figures for per capita energy consumption of the U.S Department of Energy. Renewable county energy supply calculations produce only an estimate of the total energy supply in county sun or wind and do not indicate how much of that energy could be collected or, even it were collected, whether there would be any way to store it or use it.


The 21st century will be a time of transition from a global energy supply to a county energy supply

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